Optimize your category performance. Elevate your business 


Non Traditional Market Intelligence

Todays web experience offers all sorts of insights into how products are doing and what trends are evolving–simple cues like promotions and relative placement on a shopping page and even more discreet like quality and number of reviews and how they grow over time can be used to inform modern merchants…


Data Accelerator

No business suffers from a lack of data.  We’re all drowning in it.  The challenge is to harness the data in a straightforward manner and link it across silos.  Imagine merchandising being informed by the same data from real estate and marketing’s customer data could help inform store planning strategies…


Natural Language Insights

 Let’s be honest, AI will soon be a competitive necessity as others harness the powerful ability of AI to the WHY of what happened so you can work on the WHAT you’re going to do next.  With our natural language solution you can query your data in real time and watch charts and data tables get built as you ask the question…


Enablement and Change Management

The last thing we at M2E don’t want is one of our solutions to become just another tab on your browser that rarely gets used.  We know for some that change is hard and that’s why we have experts on our team that can help not only build next generation insights and capabilities but help lead the charge for your team to harness those insights../